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Introducing a world of inspiration, guidance, and colorful possibilities through our unique art and oracle card collection - including the ID Oracle.

At I'm Knot Tangled, I blend intuition and spirit to craft captivating mixed media and digital collage artworks that are not only whimsical, fun, and at times delightfully eccentric, but also hold the power to transform your connection with the universe. What sets my oracle cards apart is their vibrant visual appeal and user-friendly design, making them a joy to read and explore.

Whether you seek creative inspiration, decision-making clarity, or a moment of tranquility in a hectic world, my cards are here to accompany you on your journey.

Embrace the magic that unfolds when art and intuition intertwine, and unlock the doors to your own imagination. Welcome to a realm where every shuffle is an opportunity to discover something extraordinary.

Cosmic Sky


Growing up, there was always art. It wasn’t ART, in all capital letters, demanding to be heard, but instead art. My father’s pottery was in the bathroom – but he was also an Accountant. My mother would draw on the walls for fun, and she was a Physician Assistant. I made scrapbooks with my grandma and learned to crochet from my great aunts. It wasn’t weird or unusual – it was simple. Like breathing. It was something you did.

I learned to paint after my mom died from a lovely woman who was also an M.D. She encouraged me to take risks in my work and try every medium. Most of my paintings were given away as gifts.

For this reason, I have always loved art that had a use, which is why I resonate so much with creating Oracle Decks. Fun fact -I created both decks while pregnant with my children.



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