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Intuitive Oracle (ID) Deck by Sarah Leigh aka I'm Knot Tangled.

This 50 card deck is perfect for any oracle card reader - but especially beginners.  The ID Oracle Deck was originally created with intuitive art on wood with mixed media and then printed on 70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75" professional, smooth cardstock. These cards are printed in the USA. 

The cards include traditional symbolism, sigils, and scenes so they're easy for anyone to read.  Learn more about yourself while enjoying original artwork that's meant to inspire you.

Each Deck Includes:
1. 50 Card Deck
2. Bag for the Cards

I have a digital PDF for possible card meanings and will send it to you when you make you purchase the deck! I am always here for any questions on card meanings and spreads, as well.

Intuitive Discovery Oracle Deck: 50 ID Oracle Cards

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