Lettering, Illustration, and Art by Sarah Leigh


Currently, I have three classes on Skillshare –

Doodling and Tangling: Anyone Can Doodle Beautiful Flowers
Doodling flowers

This class will teach you how to doodle beautiful flowers on paper and a 3D object. This class is suitable for all ages and skill levels – especially beginners!



I’ve always wanted to get into drawing “pretty flowers” and zentangle doodling but I never did more than pin it to one of my boards for later. The artist quickly walks you through various flowers and doodling designs and they were fun to try. I’m honestly surprised how easy she made it to draw considering how un-artistic I am and how good my own results look. Fantastic class!
– Melsa M.


Doodling in Abstract: Reverse Coloring
Learn Reverse Coloring
What is Reverse Coloring?
In this 30 minute class you’ll learn watercolor techniques with water-based brush pens and will create an abstract piece you will be proud to show off – and you’ll relax while you do it, too! No prior knowledge or experience required – suitable for beginners or fun more advanced.


Anyone Can Do Brush Lettering
Learn Brush Lettering
Have you been wanting to learn brush lettering but aren’t sure where to start?  Have you been overwhelmed by other classes in the past?  Then this is the class for you!  I really break down a lot of the steps with brush lettering – so you’ll be writing words right away, with confidence.


Also available for teaching classes in person – email me at imknottangled@gmail.com to check for availability.